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  • TecnoMatic COMPACT 3


The CNC robots in the COMPACT series are the ideal partners to automate standard processes for injection moulding of thermoplastics. The optimisation of the manufacturing techniques combined with the choice of the best components allows exceptional value for money to be achieved.

Programming is simple and intuitive and allows work cycles to be performed without limits in terms of the complexity and length of the work program.

The standard features of this series are truly comprehensive:

on the wrist: 2 vacuum circuits, 3 auxiliary pneumatic circuits, 4 freely programmable inputs;

on the electric panel: 5 inputs and 5 outputs which are freely programmable;

time control for the conveyor belt.


  • Brushless servo motors for all the axes;
  • Axis movement on prismatic rails and recirculating ball slide skates;
  • Planetary type speed reducers;
  • Movement transmission via a high strength toothed belt;
  • CPU with numerical control (CNC);
  • Remote keyboard with large colour display, 10” touch screen;
  • Simultaneous movement of the axes via interpolation and interposition of radius;
  • Control of the piece clamps via analogue vacuum switches with settings on the display.


  • Wrist rotations by servomotors.


  • Self-learning of the working positions of the axes;
  • Step-by-step execution at reduced speed of the work program so that accuracy can be checked;
  • Work programs are stored on a USB key;
  • Numerous palletizing formats ready for use;
  • Possibility of inserting various types of logical conditions into the main program (for example to reject defective pieces, insert cardboard interlayers, etc…);
  • Possibility of cutting the sprue using external cutting station (optional);
  •  Possibility of labelling the piece using an external labelling machine (optional);
  • Possibility of extracting pieces with undercuts;
  • Possibility of inserting metal parts into the mould and simultaneously withdrawing the finished pieces;
  • Possibility of withdrawing the pieces from the fixed part of the mould.

Applicabilità su Presse (ton)60-18060-180160-360160-360400-850
Corsa Trasversale X (mm)20002000230023002800
Corsa Estrazione Y (mm)500500700700920
Corsa Verticale Z (mm)10801150 telescopico12001300 telescopico1850 telescopico
Massimo Peso Manipolabile (Kg)558815
Tempo Minimo Ciclo Standard (sec)5.55.5667
Ripetibilità (mm)+/- 0.1+/- 0.1+/- 0.1+/- 0.1+/- 0.1
Alimentazione Pneumatica (bar)6-76-76-76-76-7
Alimentazione Elettrica (V)230 monofase230 monofase230 monofase230 monofase400 trifase